Privacy Statement

The Catholic Association of Foresters strongly believes in protecting the confidentiality and privacy of the information we receive from our members. This notice describes our privacy policy and how we treat the information we receive from you and from others about you.

Much of the personal information we receive comes directly from you either orally or in writing. The information you supply when you apply for our insurance products generally provides us with sufficient information for insurance purposes. If we need to verify information or need additional information, we may obtain this information from third parties such as employers, consumer reporter agencies and health care providers. Information we request may relate to your employment, finances, health, avocations or other personal characteristics.

We may use the information received for business purposes with respect to our insurance and fraternal relationship with you as a member of our Society. Business purposes include evaluating your request for insurance products, evaluating claims for benefits, administering our business operations and processing transactions for services you may request. We may also use this information to contact you to offer other products and services we furnish to members.

We treat all information we receive about you in a confidential manner. Our employees are required to protect the confidentiality of this information. Your personal information is available only to our employees who may need to see it to fulfill and service your needs. We maintain safeguards to protect the information and our employees are required to comply with our established policies. Should your relationship with us end, your personal information will remain protected in accordance with our privacy practices as outlined in this notice. We do not disclose your personal information to organizations not affiliated with us. We may disclose information about you in order for us to conduct our business, or where disclosure is required by law. For example, information may be disclosed to others to enable them to provide business services for us, such as performing general administrative activities. We may use your personal information for marketing purposes, or to help with your overall insurance program. Information may also be disclosed for audit research purposes, or to law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

A recently enacted federal law established new privacy standards that require us to provide this summary of our privacy policy once each year. For additional information regarding our privacy policy, please write to us at Catholic Association of Foresters, 220 Forbes Road, Suite 404, Braintree, Massachusetts, 02184, or call us at 1-800-282-CAOF.