“My first encounter was as a junior member in a local court many years ago. I am a third generation member as many of us are, thanks to Grandma Casey & my mother. Over the years the bond of unity has been forged, I am most moved by our continuing celebration of the Communion mass and brunch where we remember those before us and those with us.

The feeling of a family is the strongest attribute we as a society hold. I look forward to seeing other members at each function – email isn’t the same as being together! We are a wonderful family filled by a multitude of generations from various locations and backgrounds who join to celebrate being a Catholic.”

Mary McNeil

High Secretary-Treasurer

“In 1957, my Aunt Mary Flanagan, who was a member and Past High Grand Ranger 1975-1976 introduced me to the Catholic Association of Foresters and I attended my first convention as a 5 year old. My aunt enrolled me as a member. The members and family structure of the organization, values and principles for which this wonderful organization stands for has enriched my life on a level that no other organization has ever done.”

Sue C.

Past High Chief Ranger

“An Irish lecture with Dennis Ryan in Dedham moved me to become a member. Even though my mother, father, grandparents had belonged to the Foresters since the early 1920’s. Participation and activity in the Foresters has been the focus of performing “Catholic Action” for me. For example, coming together with other Foresters at various functions, expecially at the day of Recollection, lectures, the Communion breakfast, as well as the annual convention.”

Claire Brassil

Past High Chief Ranger

“My parents signed me up as a member when I was a boy. The annual convention where we can renew our acquaintances and the life insurance and the Catholic activities are important to me.”

Charles D. Ryan


“My late friend, Theresa Kay, was a member and invited me to many functions. But since then, I’ve made many friends, learned new things and have enjoyed the feeling of belonging here. The social activities and good insurance coverage and reasonable rates are wonderful.”

Janet King

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