Submit your application on or before April 15TH for the upcoming academic year


The Scholarship Committee for the Society will be offering five $1,000 education scholarships. To be eligible, the student must be an insured member of the Catholic Association of Foresters for the past two years and be entering college in the upcoming fall. The Award will be aid directly to the recipient.

Money for our grants and other charitable programs comes from the Major General William H. Harrison, Jr. Permanent Charity Fund, which is supported by dues and contributions of our members.

The Foresters have been offering financial assistance since the Society was founded in 1879.

Complete the application and submit with it the following:

           1. Parent’s statement below
           2. Signed Affidavit
           3. High school transcript
           4. Personal letter setting forth goals and special needs
           5. College acceptance notification

Name ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Email Address ________________________________________________________Cell Phone ________________________________

Date of Birth _____________________________________________CAOF Certificate No. ____________________________________

Choice of College ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Employment, if any _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Other scholastic awards or tuition aid received or applied for _____________________________________________________________

Date ______________________________Signature of Student Member ___________________________________________________


Names of both parents (or guardian) _______________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number __________________________________________Number of children in school_______________________________

Name and relationship of dependents _______________________________________________________________________________

Date ________________________Signature of Parent _________________________________________________________________

If additional room is needed to fully answer the questions, please attach an additional sheet.




If awarded the scholarship, you agree that the funds will be used for the following purposes;
• To pay tuition, room and board, and fees required for enrollment at the educational institution of your choice; and/or
• To pay for fees, books, supplies and equipment required for course of instruction at such educational institution.
And by accepting this award you allow the Catholic Association of Foresters to use your picture on our social media sites.
I have read the above Statement, understand it and agree to abide by the provisions set forth.

I will be enrolled at _________________________________________________________________ for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.                                                       (Name of Educational Institution)

Date: __________________________

Signed: ___________________________________________________________________  (Educational Grant Recipient)

Print name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Submit your application and all other required documents to:

Catholic Association of Foresters
220 Forbes Road, Suite 205
Braintree, MA 02184

Checklist – All documents are required and must be submitted by April 15 for scholarship consideration:
• Signed Application (page 1 of this document)
• Signed Affidavit (page 2 of this document)
• High School Transcript
• Personal Letter setting forth goals and special needs
• College Acceptance Notification

Incomplete and/or late entries will be disqualified.

(rev 09/2018)